About the Director


Southeast Day Care Center Director

Sug encourages her staff to realize that they are a living book. Children see the sincerity in their eyes, eyes that show concern, surprise, anger, joy, stress, sadness, disappointment and most importantly, of all, love. The eyes are truly a window looking into the soul. They see the mouth, as it smiles and laughs, which brings a special delight to their hearts. The words of encouragement, love, corrections, direction, will lead them in the way they should go. Sing songs to them that will stay with them for a lifetime. Remember, throughout the day, their hands and arms will hold and comfort, tie shoes, wipe noses, change diapers and dry away tears. The way we dress, walk, and talk also leave an impression on the3e most impressionable lives. God has given us ears to hear that bubbling uncontrollable laughter, that flows so freely, and their cries for help. There is also the unending list of questions they ask, as they seek to understand the world around them.
“I thank my teachers for their faithfulness in reaching out to share their talents, and enthusiasm.”
Above all, I thank the Lord for giving us the opportunity to serve Him with His most precious gifts, Children! The Lord protects sees us through good and hard times. I pray that the life He has given me, honors Him.
Excerpt from The Links, Incorporated, Spokane Chapter 39th Anniversary, ‘Community Service Award’ Recipient

About the Director:  As a young girl, Lillian, known to all as Sug, was called upon to help raise several of her family members. At the age of 18, she joined the United States Marine Core and served in Vietnam. After leaving the service she relocated to Spokane, where she married and began to raise a family of her own. One day while working at a local big-box store, frustration began to overwhelm her because she sensed some of her fellow coworkers had an apathetic and uncaring attitude in their work. As she began to cry, she bowed her head and asked the Lord to give her an opportunity to do something meaningful with her life. Within a few days, the Board President of the League of Women for Community Action, who was looking for a new director, met and interviewed Sug’s husband for the Day Care Director’s position. Sug went along with her husband to learn more about it as well. After the interview, Sug’s husband said, “you don’t need me, you need my wife!” That was 32 years ago. She has been a great inspiration and motivation for everyone who has ever been affiliated with the Southeast Day Care Center. She shows great love and direction toward the staff and children. We are very fortunate to have Lillian “Sug” Villella as Director. And we hope she plans to continue sharing her gifts and talents for as long as God says so!

Carole Shook, VP
League of Women for Community Action,
DBA, Southeast Day Care Center