Southeast Daycare, East Central’s best kept secret.

I want to thank you and your staff for caring for my child. I wish I had known sooner, the level of care your daycare provides. Your people are a major link to the children of this community.
I will embarrass myself and admit to being EXTREMELY skeptical about my child in a low-income daycare. I was raised in a middle class, “educated” family in a middle income neighborhood. Even though I lived here for a long time, I was determined not to allow my child to become one of “THEM”. At first, my skeptical self thought “Well, maybe I would try Southeast Daycare.”
The fact is, my child was loved, taught, and guided as each child is in your daycare. Each child knows your staff has a level of expectation. The things I am attempting to teach at home are so naturally reinforced at daycare. Caring, sharing, respect, social skills, educational skills, and your belief in the child’s abilities has given my child self-worth.
I really believe your staff respects the children as much as each other. That’s truly leadership from the top down.
My primary goal is to teach my child self-worth, self-esteem, and self respect. In a short period of time, I actually became very comfortable with the level of care received. I was amazed at the time spent with the children teaching and learning. The activities and performances offered, showed tremendous effort and time spent by the teachers. The graduation…WOW!!!
In 3 years, it appears nothing “negative” has rubbed off. I have lost the general stereotyping of a “low income” area.
I never expected Southeast Daycare would do so much for the kids.
My friend and I thought of a slogan regarding you and your staff:
“Southeast Daycare, East Central’s best kept secret.”
Thank you so much,

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