Once again, my wife and I would like to thank you and your staff for the years of dedication and hard work you have all put forth in caring and educating the children in our community.
The graduation exercise for the kids was very special and meaningful (a proud moment) for the kids, to us, and I am sure, to all the other grandparents, parents and friends who attended.
It was truly a delight to witness our grand daughter graduating from daycare. Just from the look on her face and on all the faces of the other children graduating daycare, their parents and friends, you all created a positive life experience that will remain in our hearts and minds for a long time.
Thank you and your staff for contributing so much of your time, energy, and love. As was said at the graduation exercise, “The children are our future.” I think all of our futures are looking much brighter because of the excellent work you and your staff are doing.

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