Talented teachers…

Hi everyone!! Just a note as the school year ends and summer approaches to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed working with you all over the past year. Your kids have been an absolute delight for me, both in story-time and summer programs. When your groups visit the library, the entire staff here breaks into smiles because the kids are so well behaved. It is obvious to me what talented teachers all of you are. I hope that in the years to come, all of you will continue to work with children as your careers. I’m sad to say I will be leaving East Side at the end of May to return to work at the North Spokane Library. I cannot tell you how much I’m going to miss our partnership, but I hope that you will continue to think of the East Side Library as a resource for both you and your kids!
Thanks for all you’ve done to make me feel welcome and a part of the community.

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